Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I had my first class last night in our gallery space. Much better, lots of room to spread out. There were 3 new students along with the 4 that have been coming for awhile now, making a total of seven. A larger group is much more fun and the new students added another dimension to the mix.
Last time I started with Pegg Kroll Roberts value lesson using the cubes, so this time I added the color and caught the new people up on values. I didn't take a pic of my demo as it took them a while to draw the set up. We are working in oil pastel. I brought mine to the table as the new students didn't have any and I wanted them to try the different brands to see what they liked and what they might want to start with.
Here is the set up

And here are a few of the students work. They didn't have time to finish, but the person who did the second one said she had no idea how to draw. I indicated we would learn as we went along. She did great! It is going to be a fun class.

2 birds coming up for tomorrow.


  1. Great class, Pat. The person who did the second one did a really good job for a new artist. Sammy

  2. Hi Pat...Can't you count the blocks as todays and just do one bird tomorrow??? Lovely color

  3. lol, Page......don't think so as I didn't paint the blocks.....