Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Briefly back

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. It has been a very busy month. I was preparing work for a new card shop in Plymouth opened by a good friend of mine. I have been making many giclee prints of my work, plus note cards and bookmarks. I then had to mat and bag all the prints.
In the meantime we took a small vacation to upper state NY. When I returned, I finished up and brought all the work to the store.
I then began to get work ready for a show with my 2 studio mates and another artist. The 4 of us have a show at the Science center in Norwell during Sept. and Oct. We hung it yesterday and it took us 3 hours!! Longer than we thought, but it is up and looks good.
Now I will be getting ready for my daughter and granddaughter's visit this weekend to move her back into college in Boston. Next week I'll be back at the studio.


  1. Looks really really cool Patricia, all the very best to all of you with your show!

  2. How fun to have all your work in a card store. I'm sure it's a sense of accomplishment to have it displayed. Congrats on your show! I'm really enjoying your blog, your puppy painting is adorable! Looking forward to visiting often! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  3. I remember that happy chore from 1990-94 or so when I used to travel to conventions. I sold a lot of prints and back then I was using shrink wrap, they didn't have those handy little clear bags. It was fun.

    I always had this immense feeling of accomplishment when I finished - looking at the stack of matted goodies, I'd know I was going to do great with it. Must be incredible to look at the card store display and see all your art, remember the process of painting each of the pieces.

  4. Ah yes, shrink wrapping. That is what I used to do also before I discovered those handy bags..much easier.