Sunday, August 31, 2014

September challenge

I decided to try the 30 day challenge again. It is a good way to maintain your skills. I had a hard time thinking of a theme this time, but finally settled on one of my all time favorite things to paint. Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls. These will take me longer as they are a little more complicated than what I have done in the past so one a day may be a bit much, but I'm ready to go.
Thanks for doing this again Leslie.
Here is Day 1, which I will post on the site tomorrow. This is an oil pastel, 8" x 8" on uArt paper


  1. A wonderful beginning to the challenge! Love this Raggedy Ann... Nice rich colors!!!

  2. wow, you're ambitious.
    I love your 'Raggedy' paintings.

  3. Thanks, Mary.....falling behind now as I am a little under the weather today.....I'll catch up.

  4. Love this painting, Pat. Her sweet smile and sparkling eyes bring a smile to my face.