Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost finished

I haven't been here for awhile as we were away at a grandson's HS graduation and then returned home to find our house had a lightning surge during some bad storms in the area. Many of our electronic and phone services were destroyed including my computer. Husband's computer was fine. Strange the way the lightning went trough the wires. Computer is now replaced and we are dealing with the other items and the insurance company.
Anyway, I did get a chance to work on this one day this week. I have only a little more to do.
I also took Stephen Early's 2 day figure work shop this week. Well worth it.


  1. So sorry to hear about what you had to go through with the storm! Pat, this painting is really coming out great. Adding the dark along side of the grandfather made him pop right out. As you know, I work with pastels but oil pastels is not an easy medium, and you have absolutely mastered it.