Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stay tuned

Well, the progress on this has ended. Yesterday I was framing a piece for a local show and it needed to be shaved a little to fit the frame. I took it upstairs to an artist who has a table saw and he shaved the painting just fine so it fit the frame. It was on hardboard.

I also brought the still life painting to him to have him cut it to the size I wanted. Well, the saw slipped and almost cut it in half.....EEK....A shock at first, but then I realized it was for the best....I hated the surface and knew I would be fighting with this painting all the way. I am going to start it again on a new surface that I found and really like.  I still have the drawing, so hopefully my new board will come soon and I can show you more progress...


  1. bwahahahaha...those things aren't funny, but you have to laugh, anyway! looks like it was off to a good start but- not working for you? I remember the photo...I loved it!

  2. WOW
    the morning glory looks great - the cut up one- well- Im glad you feel ok about it- the wrong person would be outraged! I have plenty of pieces i would love to cut in half myself!

  3. Hi Patricia. I just came in from the garden putting seeds of the "Ipomea" into the ground, so I just HAVE to comment on this beautiful painting of the same, what a coincidence. I love the color , and you got it just right!
    And about he still life, I think it looks great!

  4. Thanks, Jane....I just love these and we have them every year growing around our light post.