Friday, March 26, 2010

Another 6x6 WIP

Just so you all know that I am doing some is another 6x6 started. I won't be back to the studio for 10 days as I have a ton of company coming during that time, sister and husband, daughter, husband and grandchildren. It will be nice seeing them all though and then a big bash on Easter. I also have an opening on Sunday of work by 4th floor artists.
This is an oil pastel on gessoed board primed with colorfix.


  1. nice Patricia. Sounds like you wwill have a housefull.
    Like your turkey post. My daughter has so many wild turkeys in her area she has a hard time keeping her feet clean. My wife started putting cracked corn out along our river and now I am having same problem from Ducks and geese. Actually I am getting the yard fertilized so maybe not such a bad thing.

  2. That's true about the fertilizer. LOL Thanks for the comment and I'll be back next week.

  3. My goodness, Pat - it's amazing you get any work done at all! Good for you, though, because a rich life gives you rich art, I think. Where's your show? I love the little garlic - one of my favorite subjects!

  4. Thanks, Kelley. Our show is at the Crane Library in Quincy. Tomorrow is the reception and also the last day of the show.